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    Nadira Pankey is an Atlanta, Georgia-based author, screenwriter, producer, mother, daughter, sister, and woman. She holds a degree in Media Studies and Television Production. Pankey worked on several syndicated television shows such as The Steve Wilkos Show, Jerry Springer, Maury, and Divorce Court. Her accomplishments range from publishing her first book, “Evergreen Uprooted” to writing, producing, directing, and editing short films. Some of her films and screenplays have been selected and placed in notable film festivals such as the Austin Film Festival. Pankey has a slate of content that ranges from gritty drama to Afro-futurism. Pankey embodies the type of person that is gifted, driven, and dedicated to creating content that will touch and inspire the world.

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    To read screenplays, please send request to nazpankeywrites@gmail.com

    After a tragic accident, a single mother must overcome drug addiction in order to keep her children.

    ANN'S SECRET - feature - gritty screenplay

    Aries is a fish out of water struggling to survive an unfamiliar place, college. To succeed she must learn to read and overcome the traumas of her childhood.

    EVERGREEN - Hour, Drama, Gritty, Inspirational

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  • Naz Pankey

    This riveting story is about a young girl growing up in the South Bronx where everyday life consisted of wandering the streets and struggling to survive.


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    A weekly interactive podcast show that examines film and television and how it correlates to our everyday life experiences and testimonies.


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